Smart Marketing Guys is a Different Type of Marketing Agency

We take an innovative and comprehensive approach to marketing wherein we incorporate the fundamentals of Public Relations into every aspect of an Advertising Campaign, Website Design, E-mail Promotion and Video Promotion.

By blending PR with Marketing our work creates a sense of familiarity and credibility for the person being marketed to, so that your message is better understood and accepted.

Simply stated, Smart Marketing Guys intimately connects qualified audiences to businesses through digital media that penetrates the clutter of mass advertising to deliver your message with impact and credibility.

Every Business is Unique and Requires a Unique Strategy

The Smart Marketing Guys team will use their real world experience in Internet marketing to get you the most from your advertising budget.

Your marketing plan may include search engine optimization to make sure your potential customers find your website easily through organic searches, pay-per-click advertising to target those people searching for specific product and service solutions, permission-based email marketing to generate immediate response from existing customers and prospects, or even a series of custom marketing videos that have impact, establish familiarity and create interest. You can rest assured that we’ll create, implement and execute whatever plan makes the most sense for your business without ever compromising on creativity or marketing skill.

Smart Marketing Guys is More than Just Another Hired Gun

Regardless of whatever business you are in (assuming its legal) we want to partner with you to provide you with an advertising plan that works for you – a strategy that blends proven traditional advertising concepts and effective public relations know-how with cutting-edge Internet marketing skills for a truly positive result with a solid ROI for you.